Dental Wings and the Straumann group are pleased to invite you to the 2021 coDiagnostiX® User Meeting.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our international English-language User Meeting will be held online.

A corresponding event in German language will take place on November 12/13 in the Dental Wings facilities in Berlin.


PST (UTC-8) - Seattle EST (UTC-5) - New York CET (UTC+1) - Berlin
7:00 – 7:15 10:00 – 10:15 16:00 - 16:15 Welcome and Opening
7:15 – 8:15 10:15 – 11:15 16:15 - 17:15 „Integration of fully digital workflows in the daily routines of a dental laboratory“
ZTM Tim Eisenmann, Implantec dental laboratory, Amstetten (Germany)
8:45 – 10:15 11:45 – 13:15 17:45 - 19:15 „Challenges in the interdisciplinary digital workflow“
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Bilal Al-Nawas and Dr. PD Stefan Wentaschek
Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz (Germany)
10:15 – 11:00 13:15 – 14:00 19:15 - 20:00 Lunch/coffee break
„Different approaches to plan complex edentulous cases with coDiagnostiX“
11:00 – 12:00 14:00 – 15:00 20:00 - 21:00 Part I: Albrecht Schnappauf, Dental Wings
12:30 - 13:30 15:30 – 16:30 21:30 - 22:30 Part II: Thomas Borrmann, Achim Kettler, Dental Wings

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Bilal Al-Nawas
Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
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PD Dr. Stefan Wentaschek, M.Sc.
Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
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Challenges in the interdisciplinary digital workflow

The lecture will discuss the recent literature background on the topic and draw conclusions on the medical need and forensic discussion.

On a practical case base using the Surgeon’s and the Prosthodontic’s perspective different indications and workflows will be addressed. From single tooth reconstructions with in house and external printed guides and immediate loading up to concepts with reduced number of teeth or edentulous situations.

Integration of fully digital workflows in the daily routines of a dental laboratory

ZTM Tim Eisenmann
Implantec Dental Laboratory, Amstetten, Germany

Fully digital workflows have become a key factor for more efficiency in a dental lab. Tim Eisenmann will show on the example of a large, high-volume dental laboratory how fully digital workflows can be successfully integrated in the day-to-day operational processes.

Emphasis will be placed on fully digital backward planning, immediate temporization and 3D printing, as well as the coDiagnostiX workflows to efficiently support these techniques.

coDiagnostiX® Step-by-Step Presentations

Part I

Albrecht Schnappauf
Software Research
Guided Surgery
Dental Wings

Part II

Thomas Borrmann
Global Market Manager
Dental Wings

Achim Kettler
Global Market Manager
Dental Wings

Different approaches to plan complex edentulous cases with coDiagnostiX®

This presentation, which is split into two parts, will showcase a selection of approaches adopted by users worldwide to successfully plan complex edentulous cases with coDiagnostiX.

Focus will be put on dedicated steps for patient and dataset preparation, such as alternative types of scan templates, special segmentation types or alternative matching methods. Moreover, the speakers will present and discuss different solutions for guide design in edentulous cases, including lateral fixation, bone, gingiva or palatal support, temporary implants and osteo screws.

Registration and Additional Information

This event is designed for active coDiagnostiX® users with a valid coDiagnostiX® license. We kindly ask all attendees for prior registration using the registration form provided below. Login credentials will be sent to you shortly before the event. The language of the Event is English.

Contact in case of questions

Ms. Anke Thieme and Ms. Stefanie Reichert
+49 371 273903-70

Registration deadline

November 12, 2021


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